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Bill Kap Piano Company
“Ohio’s Largest Piano Showcase”
Always Over 200 New & Pre-owned Pianos on Display

14130 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44112
(216) 541-6078

Open Monday to Saturday 9AM - 5PM
by Appointment Only


Best of Both Worlds:
Technological Advancements with Ease of Use!

Imagine your piano reproducing the performances of Rachmaninoff, Horowitz and Rubenstein—some of the greatest artists the world has known. Imagine listening to Broadway show tunes, jazz improvisations, or Latin favorites—every genre of music—played on your piano. But why imagine? Make it a reality with one of our great players and our professional installation.

Our Gallery of Player Pianos

Player Piano design and manufacturing is a 100 year old industry. For over 60 years, Bill Kap Piano has been the premiere experts in sales and restoration of player pianos. Our gallery of player pianos consists of everything from the old-fashioned pneumatic pumper players to the latest technology disc players and Wi-Fi equipped player pianos. From Traditional to the latest and greatest in Technology, let Bill Kap Piano help you bring family and friends together as your player piano becomes the hub of entertainment.

PNOmation III – The Next Generation of
Player Piano Technology!

Order at time of your piano purchase, or as an upgrade to your current piano (with or without a player system presently installed). All of QRS’s PNOmation Player Piano Systems are designed to complement the life of your piano. PNOmation is the only system that since its introduction has been offering a migration path to the latest technology. Their use of the finest components allows the customer the confidence to move forward with an upgrade with complete knowledge that the rest of the system remains solid.

The user interface/controller is not a “box” hanging from the bottom of your piano, no floppy discs, CDs or “streaming” required. QRS in keeping with their Next Generation Technology Philosophy, has completely migrated to an embedded web app system. This gives you the total freedom to operate your system from any OS, iPhone, iPad, Android or even an Apple wristwatch. You may also find it even more convenient to use Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot to give vocal instructions on what music you want to hear, and when! QRS does not lock you into one brand of product – any Wi-Fi enabled device will control your piano – it’s truly that simple!

Ready to record? QRS has anticipated the consumers’ needs in this music aspect. PNOscan is by far the best product ever produced for recording a performance on an acoustic piano. Try it and you will be convinced. Your purchase of a QRS PNOmation system gives you one full year of almost a 10,000 music selection library for – FREE! There is so much to see and especially hear, that we invite you to come in for a no obligation demonstration of the new QRS PNOmation III. Call us today!

Player Pianos from the Latest Cutting Edge Technology to Traditional Players!

THE PERFECT SOUNDTRACK FOR ENTERTAINING with Pianomation, your piano can effortlessly provide live entertainment and ambience to every occasion in your home from intimate dinners to large parties. To support Pianomation, QRS offers the largest and best library, made up almost entirely of live performance recordings and over 3,000 selections in every genre imaginable from classical to your favorite contemporary artists. Whether you like Mozart, Sinatra or Elton John, you’ll find plenty to choose from, with new titles added monthly. And only Pianomation offers you the most extensive library of SyncAlong CDs where your piano plays along with original audio recordings from today’s most popular artists. THE ULTIMATE IN LIVE HOME ENTERTAINMENT your Pianomation® system can even be synchronized with your DVD player to bring live concert performances of musicians like Elton John, Billy Joel and Diana Krall directly into your home. Pair it with a large screen TV and you’ve got better-than-front-row seats to your favorite concerts!

QRS PNOmation III Player System

Each PNOmation system’s components are built to tolerances and with materials that can handle various climates and conditions while being played over a long period of time. QRS uses longer, fully-encased solenoids with teflon-impregnated solenoid plungers, which resist corrosion and are self-lubricating. A lost-motion cap on the bottom insures the proper throw of each note, accurately delivering the dynamic called for in the music.

Supporting both the new HD MIDI and original MIDI standards, purchasing the PNOmation system opens you up to a wide library of songs—from the latest hits to memorable classics.


The Controller/User Interface:

Controller technology traditionally has referred to the Box that hangs on the piano where you insert your media. The problem is the only people that love those boxes are the people who design them. After all who wants a box hanging under their grand piano? QRS has seen the writing on the wall for some time now and completely migrated to an embedded web app system. While our competitors are selling CDs and Floppies or falsely relying on an internet connection to stream music, we have taken the bold step to include all of our content on board. No hiccups in playback, easy to navigate, easy to control all aspects of your player system -with a simple touch screen user interface. No reliance on a network connection to the outside world and instant purchases of your content.

Don't be fooled by competitors who also sell Apple products as an interface have the following issues we do not. They force the use of iTunes - so now a PC or Mac is required - your player music is mixed with your regular music - another thing to think about and plan around, the music has to be transmitted from the device (iPad or iPhone) to the piano – it's not on the piano - so you have to be in range - on the same network ... and the stream cannot be interrupted. Then of course you want to be able to control all aspects of your pianos performance - which is simply not doable with the built in media player; we mean all aspects not just a speaker and piano adjustment - from record to solenoid alignments. And last but not least we do not lock you into one brand of product – any Wi-Fi enabled device will control your piano. Really it's that simple.

The PNOscan Optical Sensor:

The best record technologies sense the movement of the keys continuously. This means they see the entire movement of the key up and down. That data can then be used to set trigger points and assign controller values. Leaving the most accurate recording possible. The sensors also need to be non-evasive, in other words nothing effects the touch of the key, there is no mechanical link to cause potential noise or breakage. Adding weight to the key is a way to add sensors but they modify the touch of the action and action repairs become a problem. There are several types of recording technologies currently used are hall effect, flag, tft, optic - flag being the most popular and cheapest is used by the Japanese and some Korean knock offs of an early Gulbransen strip. TFT has a mechanical element to it and has been shown to be inaccurate. The only real solution is an optical sensor - but even these have issues unless you are able to filter out the noise from lights, smoke, radios and adjoining sensors.

QRS's patents speak to this capability - without it the setup of an optic sensor is much too delicate a procedure and prone to hot notes, false triggers and erroneous events. PNOscan is by far the best product ever produced for recording a performance on an acoustic piano. Recently long distance learning has been pushed. Off the shelf products accessories make it happen. These products are available to QRS. QRS's systems are compatible if this is the direction you want to go. Upgrade your existing player piano system. Give it the music and user experience of the best player system PNO3.

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